Word is spreading across the country about PVF optimized records. We have increasing demand for a safe and cost effective way to ship records for us to process. We are happy to announce our new PVF by Mail feature.

We've created specially designed mailers with 1" soft foam padding to safely transport your records. We have mailers designed for shipping 16 or 32 records. 

The process works like this:

  1. We ship you a mailer. In each mailer, there will be 16 or 32 protective sleeves with foam spacers. Also included will be a pre-paid return mailing label and a tape strip for sealing the mailer.
  2. You remove your records from your record jackets and inner sleeves and place them into the sleeves we've provided in the mailer.
  3. Stack the records in the mailer. Replace all the protective foam panels. Seal the mailer with the provided tape and affix the return shipping label. Give it to your postman or drop off at your post office.
  4. When we receive the records, we will professionally clean them, return them to the inner sleeves and repack them in the mailer and send them back to you.
  5. Included will be another return label. You can use it to send another batch of records or return the empty mailer.

Please review the website to learn about our two levels of service: Ultra Deep and Archival. You'll need to self-assess which process would be best for your specific records. The Ultra Deep process is for records that are new or like new condition. Archival adds two steps for records that are older and have deeply embedded contaminants, typically from using wet brushes and cleaning solutions (like Discwasher, MoFI, etc.).

We offer the following services:

  1. U16 - Sixteen records, all cleaned with the Ultra Deep process - $80
  2. U8A8 - Sixteen records, eight cleaned with Ultra Deep, eight cleaned with Archival process - $104
  3. A16 - Sixteen records, all cleaned with the Archival process - $128
  4. U32 - Thirty-two records, all cleaned with the Ultra Deep process - $160
  5. U16A16 - Thirty-two records, sixteen cleaned with Ultra Deep, sixteen cleaned with Archival process - $208
  6. A32 - Thirty-two records, all cleaned with the Archival process - $256

Three-way shipping, with insurance coverage:

  1. Mailer and shipping for sixteen records - $30, add $16 for $320 of shipping insurance coverage
  2. Mailer and shipping for thirty-two records - $40, add $27 for $640 of shipping insurance coverage

Please contact us if you'd be interested in this service and we will get the process started.

Steve Evans