Restore, Protect & Enjoy Your Vinyl Collection
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Who we are

Our processes restore records to better than new condition and reveal a heretofore unheard, immersive listening experience. To ensure consistent results, we’ve created purpose-built equipment to protect the records as they are gently cleaned more thoroughly than any consumer record cleaning machine, regardless of its technology.

All records are contaminated with a wide variety of noise generating, music obscuring substances. Further, if left in place they contribute not only to sonic disappointment, but a significant increase in wear.  Perfect Vinyl Forever revitalizes records using one of our two processes - Ultra Deep or Archival Cleaning. 


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Ultra Deep cleaning service is a five-step process that is perfect for optimizing records that are new or in very good condition. The Ultra Deep process will remove all manufacturing residue and light to moderate contaminants from the groove of the record.  Your records will sound more transparent and dynamic, and have a noticeably lower noise floor accompanied by an audible reduction in pops and clicks.

Archival cleaning service is a seven-step process addressing the challenges of records with embedded contaminants in the groove. Records that have been subjected to “brush and fluid solution” methods, and heavily soiled or neglected albums will be revitalized to like new condition when treated with our Archival process.





Consumer record cleaning machines have practical limitations preventing the complete optimization of vinyl records. Perfect Vinyl Forever uses a series of steps, based on proven best practices, that leverages the benefits of each step, while overcoming the limitations of consumer available approaches. To support the ideal processes, we manufacture the first commercial quality record cleaning equipment.

Due to the scale, cost and complexity of our commercial record cleaning equipment, it is impractical for individuals to buy and use it themselves. Therefore, the benefits of the Perfect Vinyl Forever process and equipment are offered through a record cleaning service. Our service is priced at $5 per record for the Ultra Deep process and $8 for the Archival process. The Perfect Vinyl Forever value proposition is strong; our fees are 1/2 of the costs of approximating our processes, while still not achieving our results, in your home.


Why they need it

The grooves of untreated records contain manufacturing residue, vinyl fragments, stylus dust, oils, saliva, embedded and hardened dust, smoke, etc. The impact on your listening experience, and record and stylus longevity, is profound. Independent analysis has shown that playing properly cleaned records reduces groove and stylus wear significantly. Even more profound are the improvements to your listening experience. Records treated to the Perfect Vinyl Forever process have a near-master tape sound quality in the home. We call it “high definition vinyl.”