“To varying degrees, but definitively, PVF beat them all at my eardrum. In fact, in the little over a month since I first heard a PVF-ified record, the sound has become addictive. It is the most like not listening to records I have ever heard my records sound. There are various ways to describe this sound- ‘most like the master tape’, ‘most realistic’, ‘most like having people in your room’. But it is the best.

I have been playing little other than my PVF-ed vinyl in the days since, and, as I said in my previous Musing, it has begun to feel like an addiction.  A very sweet and lovely addiction.  The degree to which the process removes artifacts of vinyl playback is surprising.  These were things that I had come to think were forever part of the sound of records and they are gone, leaving behind a much more open door to the music–it’s tone, space and essence.

The ‘tone’ thing is particularly cool.  It is an area folks have long observed as a vinyl benefit over most digital, and PVF just takes it further.  Matt has noticed it on the two records he got cleaned on Saturday.  He described his original Vanguard pressing of Mississippi John Hurt’s ‘The Immortal...’, which he treated to the full Archival process, as, ‘way “richer” if that makes sense.’  It sure does.  And it transformed it from a record he never really gave full attention to, because of the sound, to one that is now on a par with his other MJH records and fully satisfying.

Describing ‘Monk’s Dream,’ a Columbia LP that received the standard Ultra Deep cleanse, he noted, ‘more “bass” in the midrange, like a fuller, “chewy” center!  It is like a new record to me!’  This mirrors my experience precisely.  Removing ALL the stuff between the stylus and the groove does wonders for tonal balance in addition to all the micro details that come to the fore.” - Jonathan Spelt, Owner, Ultra Fidelis

Excerpts from Jon's articles "The First Cut is the Cleanest" and "Perfect Vinyl Forever is a Game Changer" 

Joe Harley from Audioquest and Music Matters Jazz received the PVF record cleaning challenge kit. Our record cleaning challenge kit includes three different titles. There are two copies of each title; one sealed and one that was cleaned using PVF's Ultra Deep process. After spending a rainy Saturday comparing PVF optimized vinyl to brand new vinyl, Joe said:

"Comparing brand new copies of the records to those cleaned using the PVF process …. the PVF records are simply no-brainer better in ever conceivable way! It's not even close! There’s no doubting the PVF process. Their two-step cleaning procedure including ultrasonic, is simply the best if you really want to hear what is on your LPs! So for most LP lovers, the PVF process is, simply stated, the way to go!"

"PVF may be the best $5.00 I've spent on audio. Crazy quiet..pops and clicks almost eliminated on one of the older albums I had done. I will be dropping more off in the future.  The increase in 'texture' just draws you in more...." Scott W.

When I heard Steve was researching the science of cleaning records and building his own RCM, I was impressed but skeptical - it looks like fun, but why not just buy one? 

But then I heard the results from the PVF process, and was floored. Records that I thought sounded great sounded oh-so-much-better. Silent backgrounds. Stunning clarity and dynamics. And details I didn't know where there - it's like sitting in the studio. 

In a hobby where it's easy to spend increasingly large amounts of money on increasingly minor improvements, starting with records that are this clean is sort of a no-brainer. I still use my own RCM, but I find myself wondering - what am I missing and what would this sound like once it runs through the PVF process? And then I call Steve.” – Scott C.

“I have now had a number of my records cleaned using the process and the results are really incredible. There is so much more to hear on each record it truly seems to be closer to what was on the tape. Reduced noise, greater dynamics, and more information.” – Brian S.

"Checked out my cleaned LPs last night. Like listening in 3D!  So much closer to the music. And those were not in great shape to begin with.” - Jeff B.

"Revelatory process. Hearing it all now thanks to the process - it’s akin to having a new turntable to my ears. Unreal. I’m still absorbing the transformation. I’ve heard this album since it was bought new. It’s a sea change." - Jeff J.

"Thanks so much.  I learned so much and your process is amazing.   I dropped one more off and will bring more!  I’ve also told others about your service as well... This old mono Cream record was a cool find but pretty beat...   It cleaned up great and I’m listening now,  sounds awesome.  Thanks!" - Brett T.

"My best review is that I had a huge smile on my face as I listened to the albums. Great job. All have much better sonics.  Even the Led Zep II was much better than it had been, the better sound makes it easier to listen through the wear and tear noise.  Both Steely Dan records are great as is Stevie Wonder. Now on to the Floyd….WOW!  Meddle is much better and the MOFI DSOTM is utterly fantastic.  Dead quiet and sounds like it never did before..blowing my speakers out with bass." - Bob P.

We welcome your feedback. Please contact us if you'd like to add your listening impressions of PVF optimized vinyl.