For us analog aficionados, it is THE source. The alpha. A vinyl disc etched with a groove on each side. The beginning of the complicated signal path that transforms the invisible motion of a humble, minute vibrating stylus into rich, emotive, soul satisfying music.

There are many gain stages- points in the signal path where these minute vibrations grow in size, in amplitude. There are many passive highways- cables, wires, circuit board traces, and the only thing they have in common is they conduct electricity. There are many components- from the turntable, tonearm and cartridge through the phono pre-amp, line stage pre-amp and power amplifier to the loudspeakers.

You may have spent many years and countless dollars getting your hi-fi system to where it is today. Same with your vinyl record collection. You likely deliberated long and hard over each decision you made along the way. And it has paid off. When everything is just right and the music perfectly reflects your mood, or perhaps even creates it, the narcotic effect of the musical arts at their best washes over you. The payoff is immensely enjoyable and addictive. You listen deeply. You are moved. You desire more. Fleeting, perhaps, you wish for the next step...

But it all starts with a groove. A microgroove, as a matter of fact. And if the groove is not optimized, all your efforts for naught and your investments misspent. If you haven’t optimized your vinyl, you are gypping yourself, my friends. Cheating yourself from the very outset.

Optimize the source and the entire signal path springs to life. You will hear improvements. Not subtle “only golden ears need apply” stuff, but sublime, “waiting for this all my life” stuff. You will want to revisit every record in your library. You will have a fresh, new perspective on the music you once thought was so familiar, thought you knew inside out. Music you have listened to forever will reveal nuances you never heard before. Fair warning - you will want more. You will want your entire library to sound like this.

Perfect Vinyl Forever will help get you there. Even if you’ve diligently used various types of consumer record cleaning equipment, we will make a very noticeable improvement. For reasonable cost, we will employ the first purpose-built commercial record cleaning equipment and our exacting care in the process to optimize your vinyl. Our magic applies to brand new pressings, to well-loved and oft played treasures, and to “oh what the hell, it is only $2…” impulse buys.

I contend it is the lowest cost, highest value tweak you can make to your listening pleasure. Grab a few favorite albums - some new, some seasoned. Let us clean them and then evaluate the results for yourself. You will join the growing chorus of Perfect Vinyl Forever fans that has a hard time listening to non-PVF-optimized vinyl.


Steve Evans